Ok. I admit it. I fell off the blogging wagon. Two posts deep and I wasn’t able to keep the habit going. I think one of my biggest problems is my need for perfection. Perfectionism and blogs don’t always mix well—perfectionism requires time, editing, and numerous rewrites; blogging requires quick turnaround and a constant flow of ideas. So, this is my pledge to you: I am going to try and become a proper blogger.

I feel like I spend half my life failing in the quest to be perfect—whether the perfect employee, the perfect wife, the perfect daughter, or the perfect blogger. These feelings of failure can spring up before I’ve gotten started and leave me paralyzed. Thus, a month can go by without a blog post because I can’t seem to find the perfect one. No more. Consider yourself warned; I might not always bring my A game.

So here I am, a fancy city-loving girl with the sweet scent of manure wafting through my house, trying to find the will to publish well and publish often. I might not always write a “good” post, but I want to commit to writing something. Otherwise I’ll never get this blog off the ground!

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