These are the days

The Folkema Family // January 2022

001 /
These are the days
of sweatpants and scrunchies
of diligent tracking and incessant googling
of eyes that burn with fatigue by dinnertime
of numbers on the scale that aren’t going down as quickly as I’d hoped
of spontaneous flashes of rage, despair, or crushing gratitude
of success being measured in naps, nursing sessions, and baskets of clean laundry
of feeling like I’m never doing enough
of feeling like I’m never enough

002 /
These are the days
of ships in the night
of zone coverage parenting
of marital miscommunications and bags under our eyes
of saying “I miss you” even though we live under the same roof
of his hand squeezing mine before I crawl out of bed to feed the baby
of foot rubs, conspiratorial grins, and lunch dates in the kitchen
of knowing it won’t always be this way
of a steady kind of love

003 /
These are the days
of newborn smiles and overlapping chatter
of stuffie battles and balloon scavenger hunts
of stepping on Legos and small dinosaurs on the rug
of midnight wakings for nightmares, empty water bottles, or a baby’s hungry cry
of asking “Where are your socks?”
of Saturday morning pancakes with syrup (so much syrup)
of rowdy wrestling and whispered apologies
of sticky kisses that linger on my cheek

These are our days,
long and short
heavy and light
ordinary and magic

gutting and full of grace

3 thoughts on “These are the days

  1. two of my faves to go with your posting…. shine bright sister!

    Happy Wednesday -Shannon ________________________________

  2. My heart skips a beat when I get a notification of a new posting from you.
    I rush happily, to sit down to read it.
    I savour your words like a thirst getting quenched.
    Your writings take me back to when my kids were little and I miss those days so much.
    But, the difference now, after relishing in your genius-words, is the sadness turns to joy.
    Joy, at having had those experiences with them.
    Joy, even though they are grown now and moved away,
    There was a lot of love (mostly chaos) during their little years, but, mostly joy, because they are my kids.
    Thank you for reminding me to feel joy amongst the chaos, and my sadness of an empty nest.
    You are a brilliant writer, Jessica!

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