On parade.

Texts between a Dairy Man and his wife:

MFW (6:42 am): I just passed five tractors in a row driving down Main Street. What’s going on?

DM (6:44 am): Oh yeah. It’s “drive your tractor to school day.” Totally normal.

*no response*

DM (6:55 am): Carhartt sponsors it at the local high school. They do it every year.

MFW (6:57 am): What kind of a crazy place do I live in?!?

4 thoughts on “On parade.

  1. Hey, I’d have driven a tractor to school from time to time if my farm were just a bit closer. If it wouldn’t have taken me 45 minutes, BAM. I’d have done it.

  2. They blocked off part of the high school parking lot – and the tractors were all parked there in a row – looking tall and important.

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