Apparently Two is Better Than One

A phone call between a farmer and his wife: 

DM: Hello?

MFW: Hi! I’m driving home for lunch. Did you just pass me in the orange tractor?

DM: No, I’m in the office. My dad and Jacob are both driving the tractors right now.

MFW: What do you mean? We only have one orange tractor.

DM: Um, no. We have two orange tractors.

MFW: (looooooooong pause) …We have two orange tractors!?

DM: Yes.

MFW: Huh. I thought we had one. Though this would explain why I see the orange tractor go up our driveway so often. I always wondered how you hauled manure that quickly…

DM: Woman, do you pay any attention to what goes on around here?





8 thoughts on “Apparently Two is Better Than One

  1. Yep, the balance sheet says “2.” Funny thing – I only see one at a time. Do we really have the second one?

  2. Hi Folkema ladies,

    In my experience, the farmers in our family did not always disclose the acquisition of yet another piece of equipment to the “women folk”, until I happened to ask about it. Not unlike the way we women folk don’t always immediately disclose things like a new pair of shoes to the “men folk”. I feel many many pairs of shoes is still far less that 1 piece of machinery, and much prettier:).

    Jess & Kyle, will you be joining us on August 11 in Chicago at Dustin & Alyssa’s wedding? Love to catch up w/ you Jess & meet you Kyle!!

    Val Dooyema

    1. I totally agree with the shoe theory, Val! It works for small pieces of furniture too. K: “Where did that bench come from?” J: “Oh, that thing? We’ve had it for a while……” Flying under the radar is key.

      Kyle and I look forward to Dustin’s big day – it’s on the calendar! 🙂

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