10 Things I Learned in September

Even though it’s 70 degrees in Michigan today, fall is really here and October really begins tomorrow. (For the record, Mother Nature, I could live with a 70-degree fall. Just saying.) Thus, it’s time for me to reflect on what I learned in the month of September. This is an exercise I started in July and it’s a nice way to reflect, find meaning, or share awesome things from Buzzfeed.

You can check out what I’ve learned in previous months here and here. For now, let’s take a peek at September.

10 Things I Learned in September

1. Two people can paint 400 linear feet of baseboard in two hours. Yay for teamwork.
Before Dairy Man and I could have 1,400 square feet of new flooring installed in our house, we had to tear up every inch of old baseboard. I managed to grab DM on his last Saturday before corn harvest and we made quick work of 35 new 12-foot sections. Phew.


2. The Downton Abbey theme song has lyrics.
What? It took some time to soak in this shocking news. For now, I am waiting with breathless anticipation for the assuredly tragic Season 4 to begin on January 5, 2014.

3. If I’m coming straight from work, I should always stay in my car when taking photos around the farm.
Unless I’ve had time to change into my snazzy farm boots, I should never leave the safety of my car to get a better photo of the manure pit. No matter how safe the ground looks. Or how quickly I think I can run. I submit this photo to the discussion. It took me 10 minutes to scrub all that muddy clay off my heels.

Muddy shoe

4. Simultaneously planning SEVEN events at work this fall has increased my peanut M&M consumption to alarming levels.
If only I had the urge to stress-eat kale. My job is crazy right now. I enjoy the rush, but something about stress makes peanut M&Ms absolutely irresistible. Dang it.

5. Some people actually think about the zombie apocalypse.
Like my husband, for example. This hasn’t come up in three years of marriage. But apparently there is a section of Dairy Man’s brain that seriously thinks about the world being overcome by the ravenous walking dead. I had no idea until we watched World War Z and DM filled me in on his “if zombies attack” plans. Something about climbing the 80-foot silo and picking off the undead with his shotgun. #redneckjustice?


6. Goats are awesome. And I want some.
However, until this point my desire to have cute little goats has been overridden by my desire to not be responsible for goats. Jersey is about all I can handle. And he doesn’t eat tin cans.

7. Apple-cider-scented candles are the best.
Now that fall is upon us, I have at least two apple-scented candles burning in our house at any given time. It smells like fall. Or the inside of a warm pie. And my soul is happy.

8. The bovine ladies might love fall more than I do.
They might not get to wear chunky-knit sweaters or warm their hooves over a steaming glass of hot cocoa, but our girls love this time of year. Since they are most comfortable around 50 degrees, fall is the perfect time to be a cow.


9. I need to teach Jersey to balance things on his head.
Just look at Zelda. Nuff said.

10. Even during corn harvest, I am not alone.
I was absolutely overwhelmed by the response to last week’s post on when I don’t accept farm life with grace. It’s comforting to know there are so many other people who feel the same way about this terrible, wonderful, beautiful thing called farm life. The response lets me know unequivocally that I am not alone. Thank you for sharing your own stories and for being awesome. You’re not alone either.


10 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned in September

  1. Love this list and its funny you mention kale, have you ever tried kale chips?? I didn’t believe it was true until i made them but they taste 100% just like potato chips… separate leaves from stems drizzle a little but of olive oil salt and since im from MD i add “OLD BAY” but some people do garlic powder n parm cheese etc. Anyways bake for 15 min at 350 degrees or until crispy but not burnt. Its amazing! Also if zombies do attack my dairy man has decided we will drive the combine picking them off with a corn or grain head and i will ride in the buddy seat with a gun in case they come up the ladder haha. Happy Fall!

    1. Ha! Amanda, your zombie plan had both DM and I laughing out loud. He’s so glad to know that other people think about these things. 🙂 And the kale chips sounds delish. I’ll have to try them soon!

  2. Ok, so I’m sure you don’t normally have guys comment on your blog but I’ve been reading it lately and it’s alot of fun to hear your experiences. I’m 21and in the process of starting my own dairy farm so my slowest weeks this year are normally around 80 hours. Farming gets in your blood, there’s no other way to explain it ! There’s days when I absolutely hate farming but then I just sit back and realize how blessed I am to be able to work outside with animals everyday and be my own boss. Or to sit on the porch and watch your corn and hay grow on a summer night. Farming takes a special kind of love and it sounds like you and Dairy Man have it! People tell me everyday how crazy I am to start my own farm but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Corn silage is finally starting to slow down over here in Wisconsin, thank the Lord! I hope harvest is going well over in Michigan! Keep up the good work!

    1. Jared, thank you for bring the gender diversity! I actually really love hearing the perspective from the other side of the table. I hope corn harvest went well for you. And may God bless as you start the new farm! We’ve been through that process and it’s a ridiculous amount of work, but it’s also so rewarding. 🙂

      1. This is Jared’s grandpa from Hudsonville, Michigan. He is a very special young man and yes I am probably prejudiced, but he is still a neat hard working young Christian dairyman! What he needs is a like minded young lady. He has not found one like that yet.
        Jessica, your website and blog are very wholesome and refreshing! Praise the Lord!

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